Daniel Miller

"I was immediately impressed by his calm approach, and his ability to explain in laymen terms complex legal terms and possible outcomes"

Daniel Miller
Divorce & Finance

"Outstanding professional service throughout. Daniel who oversaw my case went above and beyond and I would highly recommend his services.
Money well spent."

Daniel Miller

"I could not recommend Daniel Miller any higher. He was well presented, calm, completely apprised of both the Law and how that fitted my daughter’s position, very articulate and a wonderful calming manner with my daughter. We are all very grateful to him for his hard work."

Divorce & Finance

"Thanks you for all your work and support. Your calm, professional and friendly manner put us at ease, although that may not always have been apparent!"


"I feel that we have been very lucky to find in Daniel Miller, a barrister who is sedulous and an asset to the profession."


Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is the current Deputy Head of One Crown Office Row’s Brighton annex.  He has been a barrister practising family law since 2005.

He practises in all areas of family law, with a focus on financial remedy cases. He has had extensive exposure to financial remedy cases at all levels, which frequently involve disputed company assets, international issues, and trusts. He accepts work both under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Daniel is well known for his tenacious approach in court and during negotiations, and his calm and reassuring ‘client care’ skills. He is regularly praised for his readiness to provide assistance throughout the litigation process, often at short notice.

His other areas of practice include public and private law children work (with experience of representing all parties), leave to remove from the jurisdiction and complex fact-finding hearings involving disputed medical evidence.

What the clients say

‘Divorce is without doubt the most stressful event I have had the misfortune to be party to in my life. For me knowing that I had first class legal representation that I could trust and believe in, was paramount. Equally I was concerned with the expected cost, having been through the process previously, all be it some years ago.

Having spoken to a number of solicitors and direct access barristers I was fortunate to make contact with Daniel Miller. I was immediately impressed by his calm approach, and his ability to explain in laymen terms complex legal terms and possible outcomes.

My case was fairly unique and Daniel was able to navigate me though the options open to me to help ensure the best possible outcome for me. My divorce has been rumbling on for close to two years and in that time Daniel has always responded almost immediately to my continuous stream of emails in a prompt time frame. He has provided what can only be described as a service beyond my expectations. At no time in the process has Daniel made me feel that he is watching the clock in terms of the time taken to provide feedback and advice and I have really appreciated his efforts to provide counsel when needed without the worry of additional costs.

After exploring all my options, I decided not to engage the services of a solicitor and to rely solely on Daniel. He has continually advised me on the steps I needed to take when dealing with the court and my partner’s solicitors, and has offered me counsel throughout my divorce and subsequent appeal.

In summary I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough, he offers exceptional value for money working tirelessly for my cause. More importantly for me I believe he offers the best chance of achieving the desired outcome, whilst ensuring that he managed my expectations and keeping me focused on what was reasonable, which although painful at times was clearly done in my best interest.

Many thanks Daniel for your commitment and help with my divorce and appeal. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel’s services to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of facing a divorce.’ (May 2018)

“Outstanding professional service throughout. Daniel who oversaw my case went above and beyond and I would highly recommend his services.  Money well spent…” (March 2018)

“I just wanted again to thank you for all your work and support us the last two days. The whole process has been extremely lengthy and stressful for us all. Your calm, professional and friendly manner put my daughter at ease and at last we can all move on.” (September 2017)

Upon meeting Daniel, we were immediately made to feel welcome by himself and all whom we encountered.
My sister who is the litigant in person has been left with very little confidence, coupled by the fact that she was not well represented last year through a legal aid solicitor of whom she had not met. During the first meeting, she wanted to run away but slowly Daniel and I were able to get her to recount the events of the past and complete a form E.

On our second meeting, on the day of the case, my sister left the meeting room in tears. She found something as simple as estimating her potential income for the next 12 months a challenge believing that if it was incorrect she would be called a liar again. Daniel was so patient and supportive, I lack words to describe how professional and caring he was.
Every minute that Daniel worked with or representing us was with kindness and honesty and as I said professional. Furthermore, I believe he goes far and above the requirements of his profession.

He is still very supportive of us as we continue with our case. He replies to emails quickly, even if they are sent in the early evening. The knowledge he had of our case demonstrated that he had read what both parties had to say, again this was within 5 days (approx.) including weekends. I feel that we have been very lucky to find in Daniel, a barrister who is sedulous and an asset to the profession. (August 2017)

“Daniel acted as my barrister on a direct access basis, but had less than a week to fully acquaint himself with my case before the interim maintenance hearing.
On the day, he was completely on top of the detail and was rapier-like in his questioning in court. The judge was largely informed by Daniel’s presentation of the case and his interrogation of my wife’s statement of means. The result was conclusive in terms of a judgment that there should be no increase in maintenance payments, my (Daniel’s) costs for the day to be paid by my wife and clear advice from the judge to her that she should be more realistic as to her entitlement and that she should now seek a negotiated divorce settlement rather than a court arbitrated one. Within 10 days of the hearing my wife and I were at a round table meeting agreeing a final settlement, something which had seemed so unlikely before the hearing after more than 2 years of dispute and legal costs. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel for divorce work – the success of the day was largely attributable to him.” (July 2016)

“I met Mr Miller towards the end of my case. I had been representing myself in a family matter that had taken a turn for the worse and I needed some professional help. Up on our first meeting I was still in fight mode as that is what I had been doing months before getting representation. I was probably a little difficult to communicate with but Mr Miller was empathetic to my frustrations and with his reassuring and professional manner the pressure and frustrations I felt prior to our meeting soon eased. I have had to use a barrister in the past and they made me feel insignificant, worthless and that my case was just money in the bank for them but with Mr Miller I felt more empowered, important and that he wanted to help me. I genuinely can’t fault Mr Miller and his team for the help, assistance and advice given to me.” (October 2014)

“I would like to place on record my thanks and appreciation to Daniel Miller for his counsel with my divorce case. Having to attend a Final Hearing was very unpleasant, but having Daniel on hand was very reassuring. As well as being extremely knowledgeable in his field, Daniel had a very calm manner and yet was very authoritative and decisive when it was required. My case was presented very well and his cross examination thorough. Being a Direct Access case I was pleased with the fee structure and Daniel has definitely gone the extra mile throughout the whole process including assisting me post Final Hearing and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.” (March 2013)

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