Court of Protection

Sometimes plans have to be made for loved ones who lack capacity to make decisions for themselves that involve them being looked after either at home with a package of support or in a care home.

Difficult decisions have to be made about where they are to live and who they might see and have a relationship with as well as other care planning issues. The difficult matter of whether they should be prevented from leaving where they live, raising the issue of “Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards” (or “DOLS” for short) will often also need to be addressed. These plans might need to be  agreed with Social Services and applications have to be made to the Court of Protection for decisions to be confirmed whether agreed by Social Services or not.

Very occasionally, there is a disagreement about medical treatment of such individuals. These cases are often very urgent and may relate to end of life decisions and ‘do not resuscitate’ instructions.

We have a team of experienced Public Access Barristers ready and able to advise and represent clients at court on these sensitive and difficult matters which can often require urgent action at short notice.

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