Criminal proceedings can have a huge impact on your life. Not only the initial proceedings but the impact a criminal record can have on your future career prospects. You don’t have to face this alone. Our specialist criminal Public Access Barristers are committed to providing advocacy, advice and client care of the highest possible standard.

In addition to the mainstream criminal areas, we have developed a widely recognised reputation in more specialist areas, where we have consistently achieved the results sought by our clients.

Regulatory Crime

Criminal proceedings are not just brought against individuals. Companies often face proceedings for regulatory crime and by owning and running a business you will be responsible for these cases. We have an expert team of public access barristers with knowledge and understanding of offences that affect your company.  Areas within this field include:

Health and Safety

In what can seem a complicated area of law, we have advised and helped clients, especially those in construction, manufacturing, restaurants and hotels and the leisure industry. We both prosecute and defend these cases, which we believe puts us in a better position to understand a case and how to get the best and quickest resolution for clients.

As well as the most common health and safety offences, cases undertaken have involved breaches of fire regulations, asbestos regulations and working at height regulations. We have dealt with cases from minor work-related injuries to major premises fires and deaths at work, where the whole future of a business may be at stake.

Environmental Health

We have particular experience in dealing with the national and European regulations concerning waste movement, storage and disposal, as well as water and air pollution offences.

Food Hygiene

We are very used to dealing efficiently and sensitively with prosecutions against food business operators whatever their size and reputation.

Trading Standards

Cases that we deal with include: sale of faulty goods, fraud, counterfeiting, misrepresentation as to membership of trade bodies etc. under the various statutes and regulations.

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