Licensing is all around us. Every day we might drive, catch the bus or train or taxi, all these require permits and licences of one sort or another. When we go shopping, to the cinema, theatre or restaurant, licenses are in action behind the scenes. You are only likely to know about them if you have or require one for yourself or your business.

Our Public Access Barristers can help you as you try to get and keep your licence. We can also help to tailor your licence to your needs either from the outset or by changing its conditions to suit your needs better.

It will help you to save time, energy and money to have our expert help guiding you to get, keep or change your licence. Our Public Access Barristers will use their expert knowledge, detailed preparation and excellent advocacy skills to achieve this for you.

Failure to have a licence or a breach of its conditions can lead to a criminal prosecution or a claim for compensation may arise out of holding a licence. All our Public Access Licensing Barristers have full rights of audience and can attend at any licensing panel and all courts on appeal. They do either criminal or civil work in addition to licensing and can help with more than one area at a time without the need to spend more money on another specialist lawyer.

Our Public Access Barristers have dealt with a wide variety of licensing cases from taxi services to tourist attractions, from skips to lap-dancing clubs.