Taking your dispute through the Courts can be expensive and extremely stressful. Our Public Access Barristers are highly skilled advocates and will do their utmost to guide you through the Court process, but this form of dispute resolution is not always the best method. Increasingly the Courts have recognised the benefits to parties of resolving their dispute using alternative methods of dispute resolution (known as ADR). More recently costs sanctions have been imposed by the Courts against parties who unreasonably refuse to engage in ADR.

Mediation gives you the chance to negotiate and seek to resolve issues in a managed and controlled way. It is not bound by the rules of formal court proceedings, so you can bring up whatever concerns you most – you are not restricted to those issues which are the official, public subject of the dispute. Mediation can save you the cost in Court fees and prolonged representation expenses and also save you time in ensuring your conflict is dealt with in a speedy, mutually agreeable manner. If settlement cannot be achieved then the parties are still able to pursue their case in Court.

Civil & Commercial Mediation – can be used to resolve a wide range of civil & commercial disputes. Our team of civil Public Access Barristers are able to represent and advise you during a mediation.

Family Mediation – is a specialist form of mediation and aims not only to settle disputes, especially where children are concerned, but also to encourage co-operation between separated parents and to maintain nurturing relationships between parents and their children.

The Public Access Barristers listed below are dual qualified as mediators. If you would like to know more about mediation or are looking to instruct a mediator send us an enquiry or follow this link to access our dedicated mediation website

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